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These are 4 ways you can support the Race for Kids nonprofit: 


Become a Youth Group Beneficiary 

Race for Kids offers a great fundraising program for your school, team, club or group.  Similar, but healthier than having the children sell cookies or candy, they can now raise sponsor money for their participation in the Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo.  50% of the money the children raise goes back towards your group, the other 50% raised, goes towards the Race for Kids children that are facing disabilities or battling life-threatening illnesses.  Race for Kids nonprofit believes that teaching children to live active lifestyles along with help others in need, are very important life lessons.  Through the Race for Kids nonprofit, we aim to teach children to be healthy and help others at a very young age.  For more info on how to get your school, soccer team, band, dance school, Girl Scout Troop, etc. signed up as a youth group beneficiary.  Read Here.



Race for Kids is always seeking volunteers.  We need help throughout the year and during our two main events, the Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo and the Race for Kids Supporters Night Out at the Brewster Garden.  If you would like to help out.  Please fill out the volunteer form and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you soon.  Thank you for your willingness to help. -Volunteer Form- 



Sponsorship is what keep the Race for Kids nonprofit going.  Sponsorship money goes towards putting on our event and running our website.  Because of sponsors, we are able to donate 100% of the money raised towards the Race for Kids children in need.  Donate as a corporation, small business, organization or individual.  Sponsorship Info 



Race for Kids 501-C3 non-profit  is committed to raising money for children in the area with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

You can donate in two easy ways.  One, online or two by mailing a check to Race for Kids.

Please make all checks payable to Steven Cozza Race for Kids, a 501-C3 non-profit; all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law [Race for Kids Tax ID: 90-0716012].

Mail a check to:
Race for Kids 
PO. Box 2752
Petaluma, CA 94953

Or you can donate online – Here –

If you or a family you know are in need of financial assistance for a child, please contact Steven Cozza at or (707) 328-9766.